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Echoes of Abstraction II: The Bottomless Pit of Outros

The Laing Art Gallery // 22nd July - 20th August, 2017


A NICAP funded exhibition commissioned by The Newbridge Project and the Laing Art Gallery based around the theme of abstraction. It included contemporary works from Francis Bacon, David Bomberg, Patrick Heron, Prunella Clough, Chris Ofili, Ben Nicholson, Mark Gertler and Frank Auerbach, as well as a large-scale interactive exhibition created by 'The Occasion Collective', a Newcastle based artist collective. TOC's work filled an entire gallery suite with V.R., animation, sculpture, installation and interactive sound work, and was a development of our previous exhibition 'Waterchimes and the Bottomless Pit of Outros'. Cooking With Three also staged an improvised performance within the exhibition. During the month it ran it was seen by over 20,000 people.

Directed and currated by Jamie Cook (TOC assistant director Jan-Nov 2017 & current TOC artist), Adam Goodwin (TOC director), James Pickering (TOC artist) and Paul Trickett (TOC artist).


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