Cooking With Three

Mixed media improv group (dance/sound/visuals)

2014 - 2017


Artistic Director: Jamie Cook

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Formerly 'Cooking with Faye' the project began as an improvising duo comprising of myself on electronics and Faye MacCalman on saxophone. As we began inviting other musicians as well as dancers and visual artists into the project it gradually became an open forum for artists to experiment and develop their practises via interdisciplinary collaboration and improvisation. The group met fortnightly for improv sessions and discussion, as well as performing throughout the UK, and brought together artists of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Some artists included: Lizzie Klotz, Adam Goodwin, Martin Donkin, Rachel Jean Birch, Paul Trickett, Hannah Spencer, Alys North, Catherine Muckle, Charlie Dearnley, Roo Carpenter, Gabriele Heller, Nigel of Coalburns, James Unsworth, Daniel Morgan and Emily King...

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