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Interactive Sound Sculpture


A series of Glockenspiel keys (arranged in the harmonic series) are suspended over a fish tank, semi-submerged in water. The tank has hydrophones in which pick up any sound emanating through the water. This sound is passed through a series of electronics which regurgitate the sound randomly chopped up and slowed down (re-pitched in lower 5ths and octaves) to create a rich harmonic texture, controlled by the user. 


Created by Jamie Cook for The Occasion Collective's 'Waterchimes and the Bottomless Pit of Outrosat 36 Lime Street (26th May - 4th June 2017).


Later developed for 'Echoes of Abstraction II and the Bottomless Pit of Outros' at the Laing Art Gallery (22nd July - 20th August 2017).

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