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Light Noise

David Spittle

​(Short Film - 5 mins)

'Light Noise explores the parallels between celluloid decay and memory loss through a combination of home movies and a haunting original score.'

'After my grandfather passed away, a collection of 8mm film reels of his were found. For the last years of his life he experienced the degenerative influences of Alzheimer’s, moving through stages of increasing memory-loss and confusion. ‘Light Noise’ is a creative project that draws together my Grandfather’s 8mm footage with my own passion for film, sound and poetry

I want to express my deep gratitude to the incredible sound art of Jamie Cook. His imagining of the sounds I described were so uncannily true to what I had hoped for, that it startled me…in that strange (and uncommon) way that takes what you have imagined for so long into an exact actuality, and so the expected is encountered as entirely familiar and totally alien. It was a joy to collaborate with such an incredible artist' - David Spittle

The film premiered on BBC Four, November 24th 2019.


A film by David Spittle
Sound Design by Jamie Cook

New Creatives is co-funded by Arts Council England and BBC Arts


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