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Alice: The Lost Chapter

(Contemporary Dance)

Alice: The Lost Chapter delves into the mind of Lewis Carroll and his fascination with obscure imagination, the psychology of Alice and the identities that live within her. A Wonderland with hidden passages, secret door ways. Characters that come out to amuse the onlookers when Alice is triggered by what will unravel as the White Rabbit drops down the rabbit hole

***** - English’s Alice is ultimately a harrowing, challenging commentary on mental health. Carroll’s world makes for the perfect, twisted backdrop upon which the subconscious mind can come to life through movement. As with any excellent piece of theatre, Alice forces its audience to confront itself. It is simultaneously beautiful and grotesque, captivating and deeply painful. The mesmerising piece is gripping from start to finish and will be hard to shake from the memory - Spy in the Stalls

Created by Joelene English Dance Theatre

Sound Design by Jamie Cook

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